What is OB-GYN?

Ob-Gyn (Obstetrics and gynecology)is the practice of medicine related to pregnancy and its complications, as well as the treatment of diseases and malfunctions of the female reproductive system. The word obstetrics is derived from the Latin term “Obstetrix,” meaning midwife. This specialty offers a wide range of services including comprehensive family planning, pregnancy evaluation and treatment, routine pelvic exam/pap screenings, and a wide range of surgical procedures of the female pelvic organs. Some patients have difficulty achieving pregnancy. An Ob-Gyn specialist can assist these patients through special testing, evaluation and consultation. Common problems such as vaginal discharge, irregular or absent menstrual cycle, and involuntary loss of urine, are common problems treated by the gynecologists. Obstetrics and gynecology is a surgical specialty requiring the completion of an accredited medical school, resulting in the M.D. degree followed by the successful completion of an accredited four year obstetrics and gynecology residency training program.